The Kurenai

Representative: Matthew P


His weapon and his gear is as beautiful as his homeland.  A tribute to the multicolored land of Quel’Thalas and Silvermoon City, The Archer hopes to be personified in one of the city’s many statues, if he ever dies.

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A noted tough guy of the goblin community, he inspires fear in taller races.  He’s still wearing the bandages from his last fight! And goblins are the right height for cheap shots.

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She came to throw her tiger-striped discus.  She speaks little, and sparks fear in other contestants.  What other barbaric rituals does she perform?  We do not know.
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“Fear”ing the other riders, he knows he will win. If not, he will howl of terror and make them run backwards.  If that still doesn’t work, he has a demonic portal set at the end of the race.  He has the skulls of former competitors on his shoulders – his horse likes the way the air rushes through their eye sockets.
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May the Force be With You! Any resemblance to a different MMO that takes place in a galaxy far far away are strictly coincidental.
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Our Friendly* Neighborhood Goblin Female Cheerleader works up the crowd in a frenzy because of / despite her beautiful looks.  We see a montage of her dancing shots.  Everyone loves to see her dance! And they don’t know what to look at first! Her nose-bone, the contrasting red metal bottom with bright green goblin bootay, or the hat that launched a thousand ships!  She really gets people moving -usually to the back rows to get a better ‘perspective’ of the whole dance!

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Hammer Throw:

Representing the Blue and Gold of the Alliance Paladins (the only true Paladins in his opinion) He is proud to wear their colors.  He’d have dyed his skin blue if it weren’t already blue.  Demons recoil when they see his Mighty Weapon, and the reflection of it in his polished armor.
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“I always liked Purple” said this member of the Cenarion Circle.  “Maybe we can get Purple to be the Circle’s main color?”  Truly he was really meant for the Kirin Tor, but they don’t take Druids. “Purple is the new Green” he tries to convince others.  He did get the couple of purple-skinned night elves in the Cenarion Circle excited, but they were outvoted by the Worgen – Troll contingency.  For some reason, the Worgen don’t trust purple.  Who the heck is Arugal anyway?
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Who says Petite Blood Elves can’t wrestle?  She tricks opponents into thinking she is dainty and therefore weak. Despite her lacy gown, delicate shoulder pads, and headband highlighting her fel-eyes, she sports the Azeroth Championship Belt.  Sure, it’s big, but she wears it well.  Besides, we know what Blood Elves are capable of when angry. . . .
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Kurenai Tabard

~ by JD Kenada on September 2, 2012.

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