Representative: Silver Phoenix


I was going for a ‘Maid Marian’ vibe here, and so a human female just naturally stepped into the role. I chose the shirt because even though it’s white, it’s been dingied up a bit, and while Marian of the stories would have been willing to get down and dirty with the boys she would have still tried to keep what modesty she could. Bare arms are one thing, a bare tummy less likely. Similarly, while the legends have the Sherwoodians wearing forest green, more olive green and earthy tones would have helped them blend in better, as seen against the background I chose.
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Motorcycles? Black leather with gold/brass tones? Troll rogue? Check, check, and ‘oh hell yeah’.
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There’s just something about orcs that begs to be used in melee. Maybe it’s the broad shoulders. Maybe it’s this warrior’s sword/shield combo. Maybe it’s the scowl that says “Come at me, bro.” Whatever it is, I wouldn’t want to meet this particular one in a dark alley… or a well-lit mall, for that matter.
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 The silver and gold accents in this blood elf paladin’s armor is complimented by the Argent Charger’s barding.
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I chose blood elf mage for this event, as I was looking for a close-to-traditional fencing gear look. The sword model is spot-on, of course, and the hilt and inner guard’s purple tones match the colors of the gloves, shoulders, and helm.
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“The Walrus”
Blizzard loves their pop culture references, and (usually) so do I. This is John Lennon, as seen in-game and with gear only available to players (there’s a model of real glasses in the files, but it’s not actually accessible). End-game transmog rules made me place gloves and shoulders on him, so I tried to minimize the impact they had on the overall look; if he were actually an NPC he probably wouldn’t have them (he might have the bracers, they kind of look like cufflinks). John here is a warlock.
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Hammer Throw:

I’ve always liked the look of this mace anyway, and with a name like Torch of the Damned, who better to use it than a death knight?
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I chose the chestpiece and leggings for this outfit because they’re quintessentially Gilnean-themed, even though they’re from a previous expansion. The Rugged Polearm, shoulder and gloves suggest druidism, and the boots also suggest a connection with nature even if they aren’t quite as “druid-y” as the gloves.
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This outfit is inspired by Mick Foley’s alter-ego Mankind; the weapon is meant to evoke the ECW days. I went with night elf male here for the “tall formidable ring opponent” feel. This guy ended up being my priest class since he’s wearing all cloth items (as it didn’t seem fair to put a wrestler in plate mail ^^).
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Thrallmar Tabard

~ by JD Kenada on September 2, 2012.

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