Wyrmrest Accord

Representative: Alessandra


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My husband actually plays fencing. I first thought that this sword was some kind of foil, but it´s a épée – a sword. And the rules for sword are different to foil. At foil, valid moves are only in torso. In sword, all body counts. So I decided to protect his feet and face too. And in competitive fencing, players use a kind of “power cord” to attach them to a base and register valid moves by closing an electric circuit when the sword touches the body. We don´t have this kind of “cord” in any items, so I used an “electric” sword to do the job.
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Her ways are not orthodox, for sure. But I think she can heal the team and keep them with all arms and legs (not guaranteed)
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Hammer Throw:

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Tabard of the Wyrmrest Accord


~ by JD Kenada on September 2, 2012.

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